Friday, January 3, 2014

Finish It Up Friday

My first finish for 2014 happens to be on a Friday. 

I made a baby quilt for a teacher. It was very simple but turned out adorable. 

It was my first time to use the embroidery machine for appliqué. I'm not sure I will ever appliqué without it again!!

I have a couple more baby quilts in the works that I can't wait to share. 2013 was a busy year. I hope to get more finishes this year. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Same Song and Dance... New Year


1. GOD - I want to get back to the basics. I need to spend time in prayer and devotion, every day.
2. Family - I want to continue to spend time with my kids and include the big kids as much possible. I am getting to experience some empty nest times and already not liking it. I need to embrace the few years I lave left with kids at home. 
3. Debt - I want to payoff all credit card debt. I need a budget I can stick to. 
4. Personal - A new one for 2014. I would like to be less high maintenance: financially, emotionally, and physically. I want to my life to be less about me and more about everyone around me: friends and family. I need to have better time management... At work and with my personal time. 
5. Health - I want to lose the Holiday weight and get in shape. Sounds familiar.... A buck'o-5 and cut by July 1. Running and personal fitness 6 days a week. And.... Keep it up through the ENTIRE year.
6. Work - Increase my knowledge and skills to be more of a contribution.
7. Hobbies - Finish what I start, before starting something new. And continue to work towards finishing old projects. Same song, repeat chorus!!!
8. Project Life - All year long, catching up at monthly scrapbooking.

2013 Recap

1. GOD - I think I went in reverse. Maybe just not forward. My biggest regret of the year.
2. Family - This was a good year. I've enjoyed my girls and am so glad to have JT in the house. 
3. Debt - I don't know if I cut it in half. But I know it has decreased greatly and was not increased at Christmas. Marked as success.
4. Health - I have finally gotten used to running. I hit my goal weight once, but that was short lived. I think I have come full circle. If only the year were 6 months long.
5. Work - Check!
6. Hobbies - Check!
7. Project Life - Biggest Epic Fail. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pallet Project

I have been wanting to create something from a pallet since everyone started pinning pallet everything. I knew I wanted shelves for my sewing room but couldn't find exactly the right project for me. 

I finally came up with my own idea. It was as easy as cutting the two ends off of a pallet and adding a couple boards across the top. I bought random knobs at Hobby Lobby while they were half off to complete the shelves. 

I love the way they turned out! 

I still have enough of the pallet left for two more projects. Stay tuned.